Time for an update?

I think the answer is a clear and definitive……YES!

I am currently running the the Twenty Fifteen theme. When I started this blog I wanted something simple that I could learn and grow with but I think I need something current. I also need to go beyond just a blog. I need to be thinking beyond the blog. I have 6 different Facebook groups but none for this blog. I even have a MeWe group for Thistle Dew Farmstead.

I did create a Twitter account for Karl’s Clipboard. So if you are a Twitter user you can connect with me. My Twitter name is @KarlsClipboard. I need to expand to to other platforms. If I want to help people with technology I guess I should learn how to use the different platforms that are out there. What do you use and what tips do you have?

As time permits this blog will be making some drastic changes.

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