Re-Activating the Clipboard

With almost two years since my last post I am bringing this blog back to life with a slightly different direction than originally intended.  Originally I wanted this to document my ideas that I captured on my clipboard.  My new direction is to use this as a catchall for documenting what I have been learning about WordPress and building websites.

A lot has happened since I started this blog.  The most significant event related to  this blog was the creation of the West Pennsboro Township Blog out of necessity to fight a zoning issue.   I learned a lot with but I didn’t document it anywhere.  I intend to use this blog to teach others what is needed to set up a website for as cheap as possible.

I will also occasionally post random ideas that don’t have a place in any of the other websites that I am working on.

This will also be the place I blog about Evelyn’s adventures into the world of computers with her new Kano.