New Start

Office Desk
Release Engineer Desk

Last week, I walked away from my work desk for the last time. I spent over 2 years sitting at that desk while working as a Software Release Engineer. For the last 15 years the majority of my employment time was spent supporting software in one form or another.

My emotions were high as I left my employer for the last time. I will miss many aspects of my job however I will miss people the most. Even though I knew the day was coming for a while it still hit hard. I am very fortunate to have a loving and supportive wife while I am making changes in my life. In reality is I am not making changes in my life, we are making changes in our lives. We are starting our next adventure.

I held numerous rolls over the last 15 years and meet a lot of people. While I will not be logging into to check the latest Design Change or testing the next release I an not walking away from software. I will be learning as much as possible about web development and web related technologies. The next months will be full of change and excitement. I am choosing to embrace all the possibilities life in 2020 has to offer.

A lot of confusing thoughts went through my head as I took the long walk to my car on that last day. I left the parking lot that day listening to White Zombie – More Human Than Human on the radio and feeling full of life and optimism.

Car in parking lot
Submarine parking