New Boots for a New Path

New work boots next to old hiking boots
New boots for a new path

Pictured on the right is the pair of Columbia hiking boots that I have been wearing for the last year or so as I work around the yard. If you look closely you can see they were used hard. I used them as work books while they were never meant for that. The laces were replaced with paracord and the sole began separating from the shoe.

On the right is a new pair of Wolverine Floorhand work boots. These new boots will hopefully hold up longer than the hiking boots. They were designed for a different purpose. They are also waterproof, which was a requirement when I was making the purchase.

I will be wearing the boots while working outside on our property. We are calling our home Thistle Dew Farmstead. You may be wondering why I am writing about boots in a technical blog. The answer is the boots are a representation of the new path I am taking in life. My last post New Start explains that I am no longer working as a release engineer. I am starting down a new path. I don’t know where that path will lead however my plan is to turn Karl’s Clipboard in to an internet technology business.

Future posts will detail my plans and document the progress so stay tuned if you want to follow my journey. I will be working on a subscribe feature and email list very soon. Topics I plan to focus on will include WordPress, Ubuntu, Social Media, Affiliate Links, Web Development and frugal computing.