Karl’s Story

My elevator introduction:
Hello, my name is Karl Smith.  I grew up in a small town and went from high school to US Navy boot camp in 4 days.  My 5+ years in the Navy turned me into the person I am today, a Submarine Qualified former reactor operator.  After the Navy I worked numerous jobs while getting an Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology.  It was during college that I met my best friend and wife.  After college my first “real” job was saving the world from Y2K as an RGP programmer.  After the world was safe I moved on to COBOL and HIPAA compliance.  A downsizing lead me to my current company.  Over the last 15 years I grew my knowledge and changed rolls as needs changed.  Currently my title is Software Release Engineer.  I have been supporting programmers for 10+ years but I miss hands on coding.  Recently,  I started the #100DaysOfCode challenge to learn python in my spare time.
If you want to learn more keep scrolling. I will be adding details below.

Karl M Smith Jr