How easy is it to create a blog?

It has been a while since I started a blog/website from scratch. How easy is it? This will be series of posts documenting the steps I am taking to launch a new blog. I have decided to run for political office and want a site top connect to the voters. Right now I have nothing.

Step 1 – get a Domain Name

I am currently using 1&1 ions as a host so I logged in and found the “add domain” button. I selected the contract to put the new domain under. (note to self – clean up the old contracts). I searched for the domain I wanted ( – it was available so I added it to the my cart for $10 for 1 year then $15 yearly. I will be using WordPress so I am getting the domain only and not add any site editor options. There were other add on options that I did not include (note to self – research SSL). I proceeded to the check out. That was easy. It took me about 30 minutes and that includes my time blogging about the experience. My manage domain page has the new address already listed and is showing “setting up” under the status.

I am off to eat lunch then work in the garden while the setup happens.