Facebook Group vs. Page

I am setting up a new blog called Whoopensnootsie for Pearl and myself to track a lifestyle change and a journey to the Golden Gate Bridge.  I want a Facebook presence to go with the blog so I needed to decide between a Facebook group and a Facebook page.  The Facebook tip on pages vs. groups is dated February 24, 2010 and references the TV show Lost.  The gist of the article is a page is to create a public presence and a group will allow people to form communities and interact.

This Article  from 2016 it compares a page to a personal profile however they are accessible to the public.  A list of bullet points show the differences between pages and groups.

I am going to choose a page because I don’t expect others to be producing the content.  I think the Facebook page will primarily be used to push the blog content.

At this time Whoopensnootsie is a work in progress that I plan on presenting to Pearl in 10 days for her birthday.  Feel free to check it out and watch Whoopensnootsie develop from the ground up.