Email Setup

The following is a quick tutorial on how to add a SightGround email address to Thunderbird running on Ubuntu 20.04

  • From the hamburg menu select “+ New”
  • Select – Existing Email Account…
  • Here is an example of the first window:
    • Select Name, Email and Password
    • Select Manual config
  • Username = email address
  • Server hostname = Name used by SightGround account on Webmail
  • Re-test after changing the defaults. The Done button should be available if things are correct.
  • Test the email send and receive from a different email address.
    • Note – Thunderbird did not initially add the Sent folder and that caused some issues within Thunderbird. I went to manually create the folder and it suddenly appeared along with the Drafts and Deleted folders.

Hopefully this was helpful. Please contact me with any comments or questions