Creating a Blog: Step 2

Step 2 – Setting up the Domain

It is now noon and I will be documenting the domain setup while eating lunch. I already logged into 1&1 ions. Hopefully this will be as quick as I expect. Here are the steps

  1. Click the “Use Your Domain” link on the control panel.
  2. Select create a website.
  3. I will be using WordPress so I clicked the “get started” button.
  4. Entered a title “Karl for the Residents of West Pennsboro” then the “create website” button.
  5. Enter the administrator’s log in info, agree to the terms and select a language. Continue
  6. Choose “Managed” WordPress or “WordPress”. Since I am learning about web development I am selecting “WordPress” so I will be the one that has “full responsibility and flexibility”
  7. In less than 15 minutes the the site is on line with a generic “Hello World” post.

That was about what I expected. Check back soon for step 3: Initial setup.

In the meantime check the new site out: