LAMP on Ubuntu

I need a local installation of WordPress to experiment with on my Ubuntu computer. This blog post is how to set up the LAMP stack prior to installing WordPress. Most of the resources that I found for local installations of WordPress are for Mac or Windows operating systems. While the concept is simple. Install a… Continue reading LAMP on Ubuntu

Blog Jump Start

I registered on 2015-01-25 and a lot has happened since then. We decided to move and bought Thistle Dew Farmstead in August of 2015. In the spring of 2016 we ended up in a zoning legal battle that lead that lead to the creation of West Pennsboro Township Oversight Blog on 2016-05-14 and the… Continue reading Blog Jump Start

Creating a Blog: Step 2

Step 2 – Setting up the Domain It is now noon and I will be documenting the domain setup while eating lunch. I already logged into 1&1 ions. Hopefully this will be as quick as I expect. Here are the steps Click the “Use Your Domain” link on the control panel. Select create a website.… Continue reading Creating a Blog: Step 2

Carlisle WP Meetup

I attended my first meetup tonight.  It was the Carlisle WordPress Meetup.  It was very encouraging to meet with a group of people that share an interest.  It got me motivated enough to blot about the meeting.  I plan to keep attending this meetup as long as time permits. Since it is way past my… Continue reading Carlisle WP Meetup

Jetpack WP Plugin?

I decided to give the free version of Jetpack a try for  From what I read the “plug-in” has a lot bundled in one package.  It also seems to be a well respected and maintained plug in. I used this article from Chris Lema to help make this decision. Nothing against the article  but… Continue reading Jetpack WP Plugin?

Amazon Affiliate

Tonight I am signing up for the Amazon Affiliate program.  I am using Karl’s Clipboard as the site behind the scenes.  I plan on putting some Amazon Links on this page however the majority of the Amazon advertising I plan to do will be on where I plan on reviewing products and writing reviews.… Continue reading Amazon Affiliate

Re-Activating the Clipboard

With almost two years since my last post I am bringing this blog back to life with a slightly different direction than originally intended.  Originally I wanted this to document my ideas that I captured on my clipboard.  My new direction is to use this as a catchall for documenting what I have been learning… Continue reading Re-Activating the Clipboard

Uploading Images

Here is a random picture of a toad that was in the back yard the other night.  Tonight’s WordPress lesson was on adding images to a post. I mad it through the first chapter in my WordPress book tonight.  I moving much slower that I expected but at least I am moving once again.  

Installing WordPress

I just set up WordPress for a domain I registered to start a blog about our journey to independent living on a small farm.  I was concerned about overwriting something.  The installation from the 1&1app install had me select a directory and it was up and running in a few minutes.  Soon I will… Continue reading Installing WordPress