Another new look

I just installed Astra as my new WordPress theme. I know I just switched to Twenty Twenty however I got some advice from a WordPress meetup. Astra was recommended as a good bare bones theme that works well with Elementor as a page builder.

GitHub Repository

I won’t be posting every day for my #100DaysOfCode but I will post any highlights along the way. I was struggling to connect Atom to GitHub. Below is a link to the video that helped me. I am really enjoying the #100DaysOfCode challenge probably because it gamafied the process for me. Using twitter with the… Continue reading GitHub Repository

Time for an update?

I think the answer is a clear and definitive……YES! I am currently running the the Twenty Fifteen theme. When I started this blog I wanted something simple that I could learn and grow with but I think I need something current. I also need to go beyond just a blog. I need to be thinking… Continue reading Time for an update?

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Blog Jump Start

I registered on 2015-01-25 and a lot has happened since then. We decided to move and bought Thistle Dew Farmstead in August of 2015. In the spring of 2016 we ended up in a zoning legal battle that lead that lead to the creation of West Pennsboro Township Oversight Blog on 2016-05-14 and the… Continue reading Blog Jump Start

Creating a Blog: Step 2

Step 2 – Setting up the Domain It is now noon and I will be documenting the domain setup while eating lunch. I already logged into 1&1 ions. Hopefully this will be as quick as I expect. Here are the steps Click the “Use Your Domain” link on the control panel. Select create a website.… Continue reading Creating a Blog: Step 2