Multiple WordPress sites on a Ubuntu LAMP

I have been running a WordPress Testing/Development site on a Ubuntu LAMP stack. It is embarrassing how many times I broke something and reinstalled everything from the ground up. If you want to run a singe WordPress install you can read my WordPress on Ubuntu blog post. If like me you reached the point where… Continue reading Multiple WordPress sites on a Ubuntu LAMP

Making a Bootable USB Drive with Ubuntu

Picture of the USB Drive

Here is a quick blog post on creating USB drive that contains a bootable version of Linux. It has been difficult for me to find up to date documentation on for a Linux beginner. There are a lot of different version of Linux and each version has multiple revisions. Although they are all very similar… Continue reading Making a Bootable USB Drive with Ubuntu

My Thoughts on #100DaysOfCode

Last spring I found #100DaysOfCode on Twitter and started the challenge on June 9th, 2020 with Day000. Just two months later I quit the challenge on August 8th, 2020 at Day0045. Keep reading if you want to know why I quit and why I am ready to start round #2 on Monday March 1st, 2021.… Continue reading My Thoughts on #100DaysOfCode

WordPress on Ubuntu

I need to run a local installation of WordPress so I can dig deep into my WordPress learning and not crash a live site. Getting WordPress up and running took me way longer than it should have, so I am documenting my steps to hopefully save someone else all the aggravation I had since starting… Continue reading WordPress on Ubuntu

LAMP on Ubuntu

I need a local installation of WordPress to experiment with on my Ubuntu computer. This blog post is how to set up the LAMP stack prior to installing WordPress. Most of the resources that I found for local installations of WordPress are for Mac or Windows operating systems. While the concept is simple. Install a… Continue reading LAMP on Ubuntu

Email Setup

The following is a quick tutorial on how to add a SightGround email address to Thunderbird running on Ubuntu 20.04 From the hamburg menu select “+ New” Select – Existing Email Account… Here is an example of the first window: Select Name, Email and Password Select Manual config Username = email address Server hostname =… Continue reading Email Setup

New Start

Last week, I walked away from my work desk for the last time. I spent over 2 years sitting at that desk while working as a Software Release Engineer. For the last 15 years the majority of my employment time was spent supporting software in one form or another. My emotions were high as I… Continue reading New Start