PEAK Smith

Today I set up my first family domain The idea is that PEAK Smith will allow the Smith family to set up e-mails at a unique domain that they own. The goal is to provide e-mail address that are highly customizable to meet the ever changing needs of a family. In the future the… Continue reading PEAK Smith

Spam Comments

I have been getting a lot of spam in the form of comments.  I am turning off comments for the blog. I will turn on comments back on in the future. If anyone wants to contact me please e-mail me …..  

Chilling on the couch

I have not been spending as much time working with this site and word press as I was hoping.  I am spending the night on the couch watching the Flash and Arrow on HuluPlus. Tonight’s goal have e-mail sent to my phone. I am using to host this web site.  Here is a dated… Continue reading Chilling on the couch